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Cherry Beams and Planks
Keeping with our theme of reclaimed we use responsibly harvested trees
and seek to recycle the dead standing, and old "blow down" cherry timber.
We have a limited amount available.
A solid cherry mantel, exhibits a certain character and will make a dramatic statement to any room.
Our mantles start at $400.00, and are available in many sizes and lengths.
cherry mantle
In addition to it's beauty it is a premiere American hardwood due to its size, fine texture, hardness, moderate shrinkage in drying and excellent workability. One of this woods qualities is its photosensitivity. When it's freshly milled it varies from soft pink to pale orange but on exposure to light, despite any finish, the color darkens to a rich dark reddish hue.
We specialize in cherry beams and planks.
cherry beam
Historic Traits
As a pioneer species in certain forest regions of the Great Lakes area it has establish itself as the premier timber and fits with contemporary environmental consciousness (green building). Of all the species, the American Black Cherry (Prunus serotina) is the largest, and the only one to attain the size and form necessary to produce our beams.
Why use Cherry ?
The tree yields beautiful prominently figured lumber. The figure is produced by a narrow band of darker colored cells that form in late summer accenting each annual ring. Flashes of even darker color and pockets of crystalline pitch add a unique character, they result from the tree's immune response to attacks by various boring insects and stress. The wood's color and figure varies depending on the moisture and mineral content of the soil it grew in and even the portion of the tree from which it is cut.
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